turkey bite his own legs

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by De Wet, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. De Wet

    De Wet Chillin' With My Peeps

    Hi there I hope someone can help me, my tom is bitting his own legs it seems he is irretating with something but I can't see nothing any help please.
  2. ivan3

    ivan3 spurredon Premium Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    You could try a `no-pick' spray for poultry. Hard to know as this can result from anything from a contact dermatitis to diet to stress, etc. I'd clean legs with an antiseptic and then apply no-pick. Any recent changes of any sort that turk has been exposed to?

    A good reference, though it can no longer be downloaded in one large file, (can download by individual chapters): http://www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com/avmed/chapters.html
  3. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    Treat him for mites.
  4. De Wet

    De Wet Chillin' With My Peeps

    Yeah I put some cooking oil on his legs for mites but his legs a rather clean I did put him on a tylosin treatment maybe I overdose him a little bit and now show some negative symtoms. But could it be a result that he pecking his on legs

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