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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by joojy, Feb 22, 2017.

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    so last year something got my female royal palm, luckily I was able to find her eggs and out of 14 eggs, hatched 2. So I already had a tom, and I hatched a male and a female. I hand raised them and they were so friendly, but now the male is a little bigger. He is very mean.
    It is hard to believe that a turkey that sat on my shoulder would bite me so hard if he could.

    Any ideas what to do. He is so aggressive. The other male is more gentle, but he is not my baby. I also probably need a couple more females, but am worried about introducing pests into my flock.

    any ideas
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    Because you imprinted the young tom on you, it does not know the difference between people and turkeys. If it was my tom, I would cull it. You can't un-imprint it so it will always be a hazard to people.
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    Is he doing it because he's mean...or was he just trying to get mamma's attention and doesn't realize it hurt? I have a little turkey hen that follows me around like a puppy, likes to sit beside me and be a part of everything I'm doing whenever I'm outside. If I don't acknowledge her, she will pull at my sleeve or trouser leg or, if I'm bent over tending plants, peck me on the bum (THAT gets my attention real quick, LOL). Once I was very busy and wasn't paying any attention to her and as she was walking along beside me, nipped my hand which I had down by my side. It hurt (caused a nice blood blister) and I let out a yell, and she jumped back and looked genuinely surprised. It wasn't her fault and I know she didn't mean to cause harm, she was just wanting to get my attention.

    An out right attack, however, is another story. If he is truly showing mean spirited aggressive tendencies - purposefully coming at you with the sole intent of biting with intent to injure, or worse...trying to flog (there are no second chances with that), then I would certainly have him dispatched. If I couldn't do it myself, I would have someone else do it if possible. As a last resort, I would only sell him with full disclosure, with the understanding that I prefer the buyer not to breed him and thereby pass on his aggression to future offspring. Whatever you do, do not pass him quietly on to an unsuspecting buyer. Not that you or anyone here would do that anyway.

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