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We were so sad that there were no turkeys in the county fair 4H barn last year. We bring chickens every year and have a bit of space to grow out some turkeys. Can you suggest a breed given that we live in MN and can't get them shipped until April or so? That is, unless we try to hatch some ourselves. In that case, a source for hatching eggs, too.
Recognized breeds of turkey (you might as well get something you can show in open shows)

Narragansett (probably the most shown)
White Holland
Slate (my favorite color; color doesn't breed true)
Bourbon Red (often wins taste tests)
Beltsville Small White (rare, supposed to be an excellent smaller table bird, smaller size would be good for children to show)
Royal Palm (ornamental primarily. small for the table)

There also might be a class in 4-H for market turkeys, where you would show Broadbreasted Whites
Here is one of the youth showing at Crossroads in Poultry Showmanship... or was it Turkey Showmanship?


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