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    Mar 26, 2007
    New to poultry raising. We have 21 chicks from about 8-10 weeks that run the yard and roost together. I got 7 Araucanas about a month ago and Dad brought home 2 appx. 1 mo old turkey chicks last week. He put the turkeys with the Araucanas in their roost and ds and I built a 4'x6' 1-in. chicken wire run for the younger birds. I notice that when the new ones have gotten out of their run (before this one was finished) the bigger birds peck at them, but especially the turkeys. Yesterday, I let them run while I stood by and watched to rescue if needed and it was needed. Tonight, I noticed that the smaller of the 2 turkeys is bleeding at the top of its beak - where the nose holes are. I can't tell if one of the Araucanas did this (it seems unlikely because it hasn't happened before or if it somehow stuck its head out of one of the holes and got hurt or pecked. It looks like pecking because of the shape and location. I'm afraid to put them in the night pen but more afraid of leaving them outside for the night, as we MIGHT get rain (praying) soon. PLEASE HELP! I'll be online as long as my puter holds out and doesn't kick me off or freeze.
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    May 17, 2007
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    Sorry can't help much but I hear your desperation!
    By all means try to keep them separated, once they start pecking, they don't stop.
    Don't know how warm it is for them at night. Could you set up something in your house: a big box or something to keep them in?
    I sure wouln't feel safe leaving them outside, too many bad critters on the prowl to get the babies.
    Hope you can rig up something.
    Keep us informed on how things go.

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