Turkey/chicken plucker?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Celie, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Mar 23, 2012
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    I have plucked a lot of chickens and several turkeys and don't much enjoy it. My nephew gave me a duck plucker that fit onto the end of a drill, but it kept coming off and did not work very well. It just tore the skin and missed or mangled the feathers. What do you use and what kind is worth the price? The ones I see in catalogs are quite pricey! Any suggestions? I have a couple dozen roosters, 6 turkeys and 4 dozen ducks to start with this winter.[​IMG]
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    If you aren't doing very many birds, the little table top pluckers work OK. If you really want plucking to be easy, form a little cooperative with other local poultry folks and invest in a whiz-bang chicken plucker. They are not too hard to make and work great. We do hundereds of chickens each year with these things. And they work on turkeys as long as you pluck the primaries and major tail feathers first. You can find instruction on the internet.
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    I dont know how handy you are but there are some good ideas that I have seen on You Tube of Pluckers that were home made and some were just great ideas.
    Some people would prefer to go out and spend mega bucks for one me I enjoy the challenge LOL.
    Just an Idea.

    Also check out on you tube
    Chicken Washer Tub Plucker
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