Turkey chicks split leg syndrom

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    Mar 10, 2015
    Thought I might mention how we got our turkey chick walking. It was born with its legs out to the sides unable to stand and toes not developed, by that I mean they were not rigid. They would flex backwards. We started by putting the chick in a small empty clean plastic butter bowl just large enough to hold it upright. With a papertowel on bottom flat. After a couple days it could put weight on its legs and stand leaning against the side of the bowll. Then got a larger butter bowl and put the chick and its small bowl in the larger bowl. The small bowl took up about two thirds of the interior of the larger bowl. The chick eventully would climb out of the smaller bowl and be between the the large bowl and up against the small bowl to prop itself up. So it would crawl between the two bowls and make a circle pushing the smaller bowl yet it helped to hold it up. Taking the chick from the incubator to water and feed it, we put it on a cotton towel in a plastic bin. Dont use anything slick so it can try to stand naturally. Then before five minutes back to the incubator, bowl and all.. Ours is large. Turkeys will get chilled and die if out to long. Eventually it has been two weeks now and the chick though not real steady walks on its own pretty good. Its legs are now larger. Its a big chick too. And its toes are now rigid. Another week and it should be fine. I've never thought of this before but in this instance it worked. Thought I might pass it along to save some chicks from being discarded due to leg defect.

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