Turkey Coop/Shelter/Enclosure/Broody Pen for a Broody Turkey???


Aug 30, 2015
I am new to turkeys, and I have a question. Currently I have 3 heritage turkeys (One Tom and two narragansett hens) and I want to be prepared in case one of my hens go broody. Right now they free range in our backyard and roost in some perches we have prepared for them. Our fence around our property is 8 ft tall and all three have "jumped" the fence one time each but immediately freaked out and instantly came back over and have never do it since. Does anyone have free range heritage turkeys and let the hens naturally breed and brood their own young? If so, I am in need of suggestions of what to do to prepare for where I can enclose/keep my broody to hen to protect her while she is sitting on her chosen nest. I have thought about enclosing her and the nest in a dog run or dog house that has a door to shut. Any experience for a rather inexpensive solution would be greatly appreciated. We live in Florida so our winters/spring are very mild here. Thanks!


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I have let my birds free range and try to nest. But mylosses to predators were terrible.

The hen will pick a nest spot with least interruption. They can be hard to find. If you disturb her to much she may abandon the site all together and renest elsewhere.

So I now keep mine while they are laying in 10 x 12 pens with igloo dohouses in them.

They nest in the doghouse with no issues. Makes eggs easy to find when I'm incubating. And keeps them safe from predators when they go broody and I let them set.

For above protection I arched a cattle panels over the pen and put a tarp over that. Gives them some weather protection as well.

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