Turkey cross colors


10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
I was interested in getting some turkey eggs. At first I couldn't decide between wild and heritage. I'm not as interested in eating them as I am in just looking at them. Then i was searching through ebay and found some blue slate/bourbon red mixes. Does anyone know what that would like like .Or perhaps an eastern wild to a blue slate? Or perhaps any combination of any turkey?!? Does anyone have pictures or know anything about turkey plumage genetics?
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11 Years
May 4, 2008
Southern Illinois
I may be able to let you know in a few months. I let all my turkeys loose at the same time in the backyard this evening and I was kept very busy running Royal Palm gobblers off Black Spanish and Bourbon Red hens, Red Bourbon Gobbler off Royal Palm and Black Spanish hens and Black Spanish gobblers off Royal Palm and Bourbon Red hens. Whew....I need to sell some toms.

Royal Palm and Black Spanish crosses turn out marbled black and white.

Here are some poult pics from Royal Palm gobbler and Red Bourbon hen from last season. I sold all the poults so I do not have pics of the adult crosses.

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