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I'm creating my own thread on the topic since my search of the forums has ended with a dead end.

My 1yr old Delilah, a Black Austrolorp, has suddenly become broody. She's taken the place of The General formerly my broody hen. Also with the sudden desire to sit upon the nest is her strut about the yard with all her feathers poofed out like a turkey while making a soft clucking sound like that of a turkey. She has never been interested in acting like this. The broodiness is sudden and sometimes I have to poke her to make sure she's still breathing. I will usually remove her from the nest and send her on her way. She runs away all poofed up then makes that sound. She quickly returns to the nest where I repeat the process. She usually just follows me around the yard making cooing sounds at me and has recently helped me nurture a sick hen back to health.

Is this behavior a way of telling The General that there's a new sheriff in town? Has this nurturing helped to spin her into this sudden behavior? To go from sweet and cooing to catty and reclusive is so sudden. Also my CornishX which we thought was a hen has now started to crow. Is she trying to attract his attention as well? The thought of a CornishX and a Black Austrolorp horrifies me.

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Yup, she's broody. Get some fertile hatching eggs if you want more chickens. Otherwise search here for breaking a broody. She won't quit on her own.

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