Turkey Eggs - Indiana


12 Years
Aug 7, 2007
My turkeys are laying really well now. I have seperated and have 3 breeds laying. Royal Palm, Bourbon Red and Narrangansetts. Could still have mixed, but mostly should be pure.

I have 8 now, and will have a full 12+ extras to ship first thing Tuesday. The batch I sent last week had a total of 18 in the box. $35.00 includes the shipping. I also insure and put tracking on the Priority shipment. I have checked fertility, and they are fertile.
come on folks give connie a try, she is a great lady and sent me 18 eggs instead of the twelve promised in very good shape and fast shipping and a very fair price seeing that shipping alone was 12 bucks... thanks alot connie...

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Thanks Frank, and glad to know you received them in good shape. Good luck with hatching.
Where in Indiana are you?

Might be interested in a couple of narragansetts.

Ms e
Where in Indiana are u located? I live in the NW corner of OH and might be interested if they were close enough to pick.
I am 30 minutes south of Plymouth, and just north of Rochester, Indiana. Zipcode is 46975 if you want to map it out.

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