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I had set 8 Bronze Turkey eggs, when I checked them after they didn't hatch, they all had blood rings in them. What could cause this in all of them?
I had thought about bacteria but it was a new incubator and we had disinfected prior to turning it on. I hadn't had this problem with turkey eggs before, so I thought maybe someone on here might have had. The only thing we could think of was the eggs were layed when it was very very cold out and may have weakened the embryos. Hope someone has some more ideas. Thank you for the website, I have saved it.
Were they shipped eggs? I have had shipped that had enlarged "saddle" air cells, some of them with loose air. I set them just to see, and many of them started to develop, but quit early.
turkeys eggs are hard to hatch 99.5% 45% humidity, forced air turned 6/8 times a day! eggs ship bad , poults ship worse,peacocks worse yet! early eggs not so good, best eggs april/ july! I"am firing up one of my machines tomorro! got 8 beltsville eggs! more to come!!!!!!!!! tom!!
I never have much trouble hatching my turkey eggs and ship about 600 day old (wild strains) per season with an average seasonal loss of only 6 in shipping, that's pretty darn good in my opinion. We also ship the Express only and use heat packs on them.
As for the blood ring, can be caused by numerous things, temp fluctuations in early stages, bacteria, weak early season eggs, pre setting conditions, improper turning or humidity, (I HAVE to run mine at 65% or none will hatch here) Seeing all did it at the same time, I would lean toward temp fluctuations in the incubator.
I do believe it was a temperture fluctuation in the incubator as the chicken eggs didn't hatch either. I just moved it to a different location and will try again if my turkeys decide to give me any more eggs. They aren't laying now. They could have just been early eggs too. Temp and humidity was holding just fine, but I was told when I was cleaning it out that the two days that I was gone, the temp had dipped to 95 because the plug had come out. DUH!!!!!
Guess that could be the reason why. DH kinda waited a little long to tell me that.

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there ya go!
If one or two do it, it could be the other stuff, but if the hole batch does it, 9 times out of 10, it is a temp fluctuation probelm, short dips wont hurt them usually, but a prolonged one will, so thats got to be it.
They should give you all the egg you can stand. Mine usually lay from about now, til Oct , so you'll get plenty more!!

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