Turkey eggs!!


7 Years
Apr 28, 2012
I had no idea but came home today to an egg on the coop floor. We have 2 bbb, one Tom and one hen. They are locked in the coop getting ready for butchering. Total happy surprise! :D
How old are your turkeys? I have a 19-20 week old hen that has been sitting on the chicken eggs for the last two weeks, but has not laid her own egg yet. Does anyone know if a turkey can be broody if she hasn't even laid eggs yet? She always lets us gather eggs out from under her, but she is in the next box most of every day.
A Hybrid BBB hen can start laying around the 6 month age. If the tom is not too big breasted by the time she starts to lay, the first few eggs might even be fertile! You can put a large breed Heritage tom over her, if she continues to lay, and the BBB tom is too big, and hatch a few poults, for next year's turkeys, before you harvest them?
I got my turkeys on march 19 of this year. I had thought they only laid in the spring and early summer so I was quite surprised. I have a broody hen right now so I just might slip a couple under her just to see if they hatch. :D
It is not uncommon for young hens to lay in the fall for the first couple of years, and again in the spring.
It seems the older they get their internal clock switches to spring only.
And I have one Midget White hen that stays broody all summer, every summer. Even if she is sitting on a rock.

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