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    I've always eaten store bought frozen turkeys until yesterday. I bought a bourbon red from a local farm. This was a free range turkey. The turkey had a different flavor from what I'm use to. I fed about a dozen people with it and I dont think they were disappointed but I didnt receive any compliments either. Some mentioned that it did taste different. I guess everyone was use to the same ol store bought- mass raised- commercial turkeys that we have always eaten.

    I know from raising chickens that the eggs and meat will taste different if they are free range raised versus the commercial eggs/meat.

    But as far as breeds, how much do they differ in flavor?

    What breeds would taste more similar to a store bought turkey, and which ones taste nothing like a store bought turkey?

    thanks !!!!!

  2. The double breasted are going to be more like the store bought free ranging will improve the taste being able to eat any thing they want.
    Grasses seeds insects mice frogs lizards and they love left overs and surplus Human food of any kind.
    The single breasted Heritage Breeds are going to be more of a taste difference from the store Birds the meat being a little darker even the breast and some say more flavor .
    Do a Google search for the best tasting breed of Turkey and see what you come up with as far as taste test between the breeds.

    Now with that said the Double breasted Breeds are for the most part short lived birds do to the size they get quickly as well as they are unable to reproduce on there own.

    The Heritage Breeds not double breasted take twice as long to get to Harvest size but they are able to reproduce on there own and live to around 7 years.

    I hope I was of some Help to Ya.
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    Do you have room to raise a turkey? If you buy the Broad Breasted White and raise it at home, it will be similar to a store bought bird, only better. It will have had less stress, better food, some exercise and sunshine, and it won't be injected with salt solution, soy broth, or fake butter substitute.

    The heritage breeds are all slower growing, so they will be older. None of the heritage breeds have that huge breast meat.

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