Turkey foaming at the eyes!!

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by brandy21410, Jan 18, 2017.

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    About 3 weeks ago I visited my moms flock and she has a 1.5-2 yr old royal palm turkey (Hercules). It was raining really bad and cold outside as we live in the desert, so we went to fix the roof and noticed him foaming at the eyes, I wiped the foam away with a towel and the eye looked fine no swelling and no weezing, sneezing or coughing ect.. Now he is fine no foam or any other symptoms. He is the only turkey on the property and is kept with chickens. My mom rescued this turkey, when she first got him he was skin and bones with no feathers so I would not be surprised if he is a carrier of some CRD, but is it possible that he has no CRD and this is just a reaction to the cold? I have raised chickens my whole life but not too sure with turkeys as I have only raise one female. Any info is greatly appreciated. TIA.
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    It is very possible he does not have. CRD (chronic renal disease). But if he does, not sure there are cost effective ways to treat it. Not sure if it is contagious, but if it is, then others may already have it. Maybe what he has is limited to turkeys, and not transferable to other fowl??? [​IMG]
    Sometimes we all worry TOO MUCH. Maybe it will all clear up and all will be well. Keep us posted and informed of developments..
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    thank you, but I was thinking a respiratory disease perhapse, because the foam is a sign of MG, but he jas no other symptoms so idk..

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