Turkey foot probleams

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    My poor turkey has a messed up foo and can hardly walk.. I was thinking bumble foot. but what is all the black stuff. looks like a foot rot or something. I attempted to try and get all the infection out. but nothing would come out. soaked it and cleaned it. put poli on and wrapped it up. i dont want to have to put him down... what are your thoughts?




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    Sep 30, 2015
    I'm thinking it was very recently cut so maybe the infection hasn't set in yet. I don't know what could be causing the color could it be just dirt.
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    It's possible that the dark spots are spots of frostbite, especially if the foot got some water on it during a freeze. Also footpad dermatitis or pododermatitis, which is another name for bumblefoot, can look like that if a chicken has been living in wet soiled
    bedding. If it is frostbite you can apply some iodine or antibiotic ointment, but if it is footpad dermatitis, you should soak the foot in epsom salts or betadine for several days in a row, and apply some antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin. That can be tricky with winter temperatures since they should be warm and dry afterward. Keep coop bedding clean and dry, and use pine shavings if you can. Straw and hay tend to hold in moisture.
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