Turkey has runny bowels

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    My turkey has had dark runny bowels for over 8 months. Have tried everything. Different wormers, anti-biotics, etc., etc. He doesn't act sick, but always piles of it everywhere in the chicken yard. So far, my chickens seem fine but I am afraid everyone might catch what the turkeys have. Does anyone know anything about turkey illness and what to do to treat it.
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    There is a "Turkey" forum, if you scroll down the index page. You will probably want to post there, as most of us don't have turkeys. Good luck!
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    How old is the turk? What, if any, other symptoms have you observed during the past 8 months? Did you change feed? What do you feed? Do they free range? Have you picked him up? Does he feel skinny (can you feel his keel bone)?.

    Why were you administering antibiotics? What meds/how much/how long?

    What did you use for worming? How long ago was last treatment?

    Do you have one turkey or several (am uncertain owing to your post)?
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