turkey hatch #3


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
Turkey hatch #3 was today. We were out of town but had left three eggs in lockdown with temp and humidity where they should have been. We had a brief power outage during a storm yesterday but not long enough to affect temps at all.

Poult #1 pipped, zipped, dried and is happy as a single chick can be. He will meet his week old and three week old siblings tomorrow.

Poult #2 pipped, zipped halfway around, and shrink wrapped hard and dry as could be. By the time we came home this poult was dead.

Poult #3 I was not sure about before we left. I hadn't seen any movement for a few days before lockdown. Development was far along but the head was not fully developed. No sign of why the poult perished.

So...with three eggs that were laid within a few days of each other, incubated together, and locked down together, in a forced air hatcher, why was one chick happy and healthy and the other stuck like glue?

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