Turkey Hatching


7 Years
Aug 19, 2012
Snohomish County
Do poults cheep like chicks when they hatch? 1st time hatching poults and one has pipped and hasn't made a sound, a chick would've gone nuts by now...but not a single cheep from the little guy, and he is alive and pecking
Just make sure it is eating and drinking (food spread on some tin foil by feeder/dip beak in water a few times - usually don't pick up on the eating until yolk is absorbed - up to three days). Don't concern yourself with the peeping. Pretty soon that is all you will hear when you move out of sight of the poult (`hey, ma!).
Poults will "tweet" and if you whistle, they will try to mimic your whistle. If they need something or get lonely, that is how they will call you!

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