Turkey hen nest destroyed and she does not want to move!!!

Happy Camper

7 Years
Jul 19, 2012
Puerto Rico
Something (rats maybe) destryed and ate all 14 eggs on my turkey's nest. I decided to dismantle it and remove eggs daily so she's discoraged to lay there. I can incubate the ones I am collecting or put them under her if she moves her business some place else.

Here's the thing.... she's going back to the same spot everyday and sitting on NO eggs for hours.

My duck Kata was laying there also, but she got the message immediately and moved her nest.

What should I do? I penned her up before she began laying, placed a state of the art nest in there and she would just not lay. Her sister did use her nest, but Lola wouldn't. The day I let her out she started laying at this weird spot and I moved the nest there. from that spot was that eggs were eaten.

Should I penn her up again? Should I collect and place the eggs under her and hope nothing eats them?
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