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    i cannot seem to find any specifics when it comes to turkey housing. sq footage, height etc....if anyone has info to share, DH would be happy to build for delicious turkeys in his freezer....[​IMG]
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    Usually it's double the space requirements for each turkey as it's for a chicken. The space requirements vary for commercial vs the small flock owner. Commercial is a lot less then a small flock.

    The turkey hatch for outside is usually 18 inches by 18 inches vs 12 x 12 for a chicken.

    Perches are usually set for 18 to 24 inches off the floor if you use them. But for Great White, or BB Bronze I would not use any perches. Unless it's at floor level.

    Nesting boxes usually are 18 x 18 inches.

    Other wise any coop for a chicken works for a turkey, you just have fewer in the coop.

    http://www.ag.ndsu.nodak.edu/abeng/poultryplans.htm has some plans for turkey coops and shelters mixed in with the ones for the chickens.

    Processing is done from 20 to 30 weeks of age depending on what variety you would get, at first they don't seem to grow very fast but as they get older they grow a lot faster and consume more feed. The Great Whites and BB bronze males usually get processed around 20 weeks of age and can dress out at 15 to 20 lbs at that age. A year old non-heritage variety male can go up to 50 lbs but is not as tender as younger birds. A Bourban Red Male would butcher at about 30 weeks at 10 to 15 lbs dressed.

    A white colored feathered turkey is easier to process because if you miss some pin feathers it's harder to notice with white.

    non-heritage variety is a turkey that requires artificial ensimination to breed.

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    Columbiaville, MI
    Tom...you so are hooking me up! i think i will see if i can find some good books too.

    thanks for insight on birds who DON'T use high perches...they are so large, wouldn't they have trouble w/ a perch?

    thanks again!

    any info is greatly appreciated from anyone, so i can apply ideas to what will work for us.

    btw...we are thinking 5 turkeys at time.

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