Turkey Laying Question???


13 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Powdersville, SC
I just got ahold of a breeding pair of Sweetgrass turkeys....I have never held on to turkeys long enough to learn much about them...yummy....

I am wanting to get some poults off of these two. Are they still laying this time of year or have they quit? Had a guy tell me that he gets eggs from his all year long...just heavy in the spring.

What is the best feed to give a turkey laying hen? Do they need Oyster Shell?

Any other suggestions that could benefit these two love birds?

They are about a year old....
It might be a little late but I could be wrong, also turkeys hate changes and that might put them off laying
Make sure she has a nice area to nest in (dark corner with plenty of straw will do) and once they get adjusted you'll find out. It is a little late in the season, but anything is possible (have had them lay as early as Dec. and as late as the end of July), they are pretty seasonal.

Game Bird Maintenance and some free choice oyster shell for the hen.
My turkeys are still laying....
My Royal palms started laying weeks ago and I expect them to go until the end of October..

I feed mine chicken layer mash or meat maker.. whatever I have on hand for the chickens..

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