Turkey leg issues, advice?

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    I was going to keep this turkey, but we live in the city and she just didnt have enuff room to roam.

    I gave her to a really wonderful gal that has an acre outside a small town and they get to free range quite a lot during the day, so she is sooo much happier.

    Thing is, she has developed a leg issue, I think its been a slow thing over time. I have read bout this a little. I cant get any close ups, as she is not mine anymore, this is just pics I got from the gal that has her now. She is a beauty tho, but I am not partial. [​IMG]

    Her hatchmate had a bit of a leg prob when he was very tiny, I gave him extra B vitamins and it totally went away. I am wondering if this is what she needs, altho I know as old as she is now, its probably permanent?

    Can anyone give me a prognosis and would B vitamins help her at this point. She was a July hatch, so is fairly young yet, but she she eats hearty! [​IMG] Or anything that might help her?? Please?


    thanks much

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