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    Hi all. My parents have a tom turkey who ran away 2 days ago, apparently with a group of wild turkeys that routinely roam the woods around here. Today, he's back, but is acting as though he's in quite a bit of pain. He's got 1 wing outstretched and has a pretty bad limp. We're thinking he might have done a lot more walking than he's used to or possibly stepped on something or perhaps, ahem, enjoyed the company of his new lady friends a little too much (he's been all alone here, other than the chickens, since he moved into the barn (ran away from the neighbors) 3 or so years ago). Is there anything that's safe to give him to make him feel a little bit better? My mom's given him a lot of water because it's so blasted hot out here and she also gave him some of his favorite treat, blueberries. But he's still acting like he doesn't feel right at ALL.

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    Check him over carefully (this is usually a two person job). Look for open wounds/exposed bone in wing/leg as that is what will kill them quickest in this weather (we're a hundred miles west and STL is always hotter), i.e., heat stress and flies laying eggs in wounds (maggots). Open wounds can be difficult to notice without a thorough exam.

    If there are open wounds a spray bottle with betadine and water (1:10 solution) can be used to clean wounds on torso and, if nothing else is handy, spray dog/cat flea tick spray on wing area over the wound (not on wound). Open wounds will require a prophylactic antibiotic as well. PenG. is available at feedstores.

    5 325mg. PLAIN aspirin in a gallon of water for inflammation (can use 1 325mg aspirin per pint).

    A cheap box fan outside of run area can help with both flies and to move air around.

    This method is not ideal but, has resulted in our saving two of our neighbor's turks (one fox attack/one dog attack - dreadful wounds).

    I'm sure others will have better advice, so hang in there (good to hear the wilds are still extant in your area/ours have tanked since the `07 April freeze that wiped out the White Oak acorns that year).
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