turkey poult with crooked neck


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
I have a turkey poult, 7 weeks old, white broad breasted, has recently develoded a crooked neck and poor sense of balance. Our flock consists of of 9 birds, same breed and age. Prior to this, all appeared to be healthy. Only this one appears to be affected. It is the "runt" of the flock. This does not appear to be a result of injury (as far as we know). Does anyone has any ideas? Possibly contagious?
Hi, it doesn't hurt to separate the `runt' (if nothing else it won't have any comptetition for feed).

Are you feeding a high protein feed like Purina Gamebird Starter?
Have your turks been outside, yet?
Any wild temp. swings recently/rain and wet poults?
Any change in droppings?

Some standard, immediate interventions include: Polyvisol enfamil vitamins (no iron) three drops a day x1wk. and then taper off. Add two tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's is a common brand) to a gallon of their water. Supplement diet with crushed hard boiled eggs/meal worms.

Unfortunately, Broad Breasted's can suffer from many problems. Sometimes their muscles outgrow their internal organs, muscles can't keep up with bone growth, bones/joints give out, etc.

If you observe more specific signs/symptoms be sure to post them.
Thanks for responding. Yes, we feed high protein game bird starter. Yes, they have been outside in the fenced area for a couple of weeks. Droppings are normal. No extreme changes in weather, just a wet Spring. Good news is that the turkeys don't appear to be as aggresive as chickens, they don't seem to be picking on the little one. We have been using the ACV in the water, thanks to earlier advice from others. This little one is the one we rescued earlier when we added molasses / ACV to water, to prevent any more sudden death. Maybe it is a genetic thing. We have raised chickens for many years, but this is a new adventure with turkeys. We'll just have to watch carefully, and add some additional supplements. Thanks again.
Sounds like maybe crookneck/wryneck. I see posts on it in chickens all the time. I know it can affect young birds in general, and is usually a vitamin deficiency that can be helped by vitamin E with Selenium and poly-vi-sol as the other poster mentioned. If it is this, the recovery rate is quite high if treated quickly.

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