Turkey Poults and Chicks together?


7 Years
May 5, 2012
SW Missouri
I have turkey poults due any day. I have never raised turkeys before. I have been told that I need to have a couple of chicks the same age as my poults to show the poults what to do. (find the water/food) Is this true???? Are turkey poults that dumb that they have to have a chick to show them how to eat and drink?
I had one drown in a waterer yesterday so their not that smart, but I would think the high protein feed wouldn't be good for the chick. I'm no turkey expert though.
No, they are not that dumb, but they do take a little extra care for those first three days.

I've hatched and raised poults with chicks and without. MOST of the time the poults learn to eat and drink just fine on their own after I've done the "dip their beaks in their water and set them down on top of their feed" routine with each one of them. I do the same with chicks as well. But occasionally I'll have some that don't pick it up as fast so I have to repeat the routine again. With a couple of chicks in the mix they'll do it for you.

Raise them with or without. It's up to you. Either way you need to pay attention those first few days to make sure they are all eating and drinking properly.
Thank You for your replies. My turks are pipping now. I'm so excited. Will my 2 week old chicks be too old to put them in with or do I need to get a couple of about the same age?
I wouldn't put them in with 2 week old chicks, the chicks could hurt them. I have heard that the reason they need help finding the food and water is that they have poor eyesight. I rarely have chicks in with them and never had problems. I have also heard that you can't move the feed or water or they won't find it, I never had problems with that either. For the first few days I have feed down in an egg flat. I just fill the cups up. Once they are all eating from the regular feeder too, I remove the egg flat.

I don't know what you are using for bedding, but don't start them on newspaper. As with any poultry, it can mess up their legs because it's to slippery. Feed them a higher protein food like gamebird starter, and above all else try to remember that they can be highly addictive!
Went and picked up some gamebird starter and just as we returned we had 4 new poults. I think I may try putting them in with just the smallest two of the chicks and moving the others to the other brooder. My brooder has a wire bottom on it and I use just a small amount of hay for the bedding. I will make sure they know where the water and food is at. I like the idea of using the egg flat. I may try that. I love all my birds. I'm sure these will be just as special as the rest.

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