Turkey poults get lethargic then die

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by charitypearl, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I am new here. I got 4 BBB Turkey poults five daysago at the feed store. I live in Alaska so it was a 4 HR trip home. The first day they all seemed OK. The next one wouldn't eat and I spent 2 days feeding it with an eyedropper before it died yesterday. This morning another one started not eating, acting droopy, and huddling under the heat lamp. I put it in a separate box for a minute or two while getting some food in an eyedropper for it and it passed a large white "thing". I don't think it was poop...proabably a parasite. It was an inch and a half long, maybe an eighth inch around and tapered on one end. A fair amount of liquid/mucous flecked with blood passed with it. I'm worried I'll lose all the turkeys and they might pass whatever this is to the chickens I have. I can't go to a vet because the nearest is 100 miles away and I don't even know if they treat poultry. The feed store with any medicines is 200 miles from here. Any ideas?-
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    Get some Corid right away and treat them for Cocci. When you see blood in their stool, that is often cocci. Also, an antibiotic might not hurt, because the cocci often causes irritation, leading to infection of the little poults digestive tract.

    Make sure the poults are warm enough--new poults like it to be 100 degrees under the heat lamp, and also their environment needs to be very clean and dry. Corid is a powder that you put into their drinking water. Sulmet would be my second choice if you can't find the Corid, because Sulmet is a bit harsher on their young systems.

    I would use Tylan as an antibiotic also, but they should recover on just the Corid or Sulmet.

    Good luck to you and you've got to act quickly in order to save them.


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