Turkey poults: Penciled Palm and Royal Palm


9 Years
May 26, 2011
Just hatched, Penciled Palm and Royal Palm turkeys: ready to ship Monday 5/11 or 5/12 at latest. Minimum to ship is 15 so they keep each other warm. $12 each plus shipping and box. Shipping and box usually runs around $45, may be more or less depending on where you are. I don't have quite enough to ship all one variety, but you can specify more of one than the other.

The Penciled Palms are black and white, there could be a tricolored hen in the pen, they are hard to tell sometimes. This is a rare variety and not well know. Genetically they are the same as the Royal Palm with the addition of 2 penciling genes which gives the feathers a unique and beautiful pattern. They are a true breeding variety. My Royal Palm tom has 1/4 broad-breasted in him to help keep the size up on this variety. The hens don't, though, so offspring will just have a bit of influence. All my turkeys are fed certified organic feed. PM me if interested. I take PayPal and am in Arizona. Our weather has stayed cool enough to ship these.

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