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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Sugar Sand Farm, May 25, 2007.

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    My DH just ordered four turkey poults. They a broad breasted. Two are Royal Palm and the other is a Bronze. He just found out that they do not reproduce He had wanted them for pets not meat. We were told you can not raise these birids as pets as they are designed to be meat and will grow accordingly. Is this true? Where can he get turkeys to raise and breed. I have heard of Sandhill Preservation can their turkeys breed. Thank you in advance Micki (told him to check out the details before he ordered but he has the bug, what can I tell you)
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    Royal Palms are a heritage breed, so they should have no problem whatsoever with breeding naturally. They are closer to wild turkeys, so they're very hardy and you won't have to do a lot of work to raise them. I'm not sure about the Bronze, because there are a few breeds referred to as "bronze". If he ordered Broad Breasted bronze, these are the ones that are double-breasted and meant to be raised primarily for meat. There is also Black Winged Bronze and Standard aka Unimproved Bronze, both of which are heritage breeds like the Royal Palm. There are many people on here that raise them for pets and eat the eggs, so keeping a turkey or two for pets is not unheard of, so he should have no problem with raising them just to keep around.

    Sandhill Preservation does sell them, but you have to place your order a year in advance to get anything from them. You can order turkeys through Murray McMurray, Ideal Poultry, and Cackle Hatchery, to name a few. You might want to do a Google search for turkey poults and see what you can find.



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