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    Jan 22, 2010
    I had a hen get very cut up from toms and needed a way to protect her. I have had her separated while healing and will process most of the toms tomorrow. But I wanted her to have something before putting the one tom we're keeping back in with her. I made a saddle for her from a tote bag and a fleece cloth for lining. I cut out the pattern, 13" long, 10" wide. I stitched binding tape around the edge to prevent raveling. Then folded the top tab down. I attached a piece of binding to the outer edge, then thru the top tab fold then attached to the other edge. I didn't measure the straps, thinking I would have to adjust but they ended up fitting ok. Putting it on was a task, but I got her wings thru the loops made from the straps and it sits very snug to her body. You can hardly see it on her.
    009 by greyart, on Flickr[/img]
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    turkeysaddle by greyart, on Flickr[/img]
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    You did a good job, much neater than mine (for chickens.) I just cut one out of polarfleece, then cut two slats for the wings. No sewing.
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    What a lucky girl!
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    Good job! One thing that helps so the hens don't get cut is to trim the tom's nail. You want to take the sharp point off the inner nail, that's the one that does the damage. It's like doing a dog's nail - don't cut to much of they will bleed.


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