Turkey tragedy :(


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Jul 10, 2011
I have 3 dead, and 4 missing. They were almost 10 weeks old black spanish, as big as my full grown chickens. Two of the dead ones were in the front yard, and one was in the fenced garden with the gate closed. My son swears they were not there when he was feeding everyone this morning, and he would have walked right past at least one to feed the chickens. He says the turkeys were happily eating in their roost when he came back in, and he left the roost open so they could come out to forage in the fenced back yard. The baby was fussy this morning, so I can't say if there was any noise.

So what got my guys? They might have been wandering free in the back yard, or maybe they flew over the fence into the front. Could a hawk have gotten birds that size? I thought maybe a loose dog, but even if it got into the garden I doubt it would have closed the gate behind it on the way out.

And is there any chance that my 4 missing birds will show up?
Sorry for your loss. I'd guess dog. If the dog charged the fence and then `stood up' with front paws on fence, the turks (perfect age for easy flight) could well have left the ground like a covey of quail being flushed. Dog could have mortally injured the one found in the garden (managed to make one last flight after being attacked).

This evening sit outside and listen closely for your missing birds. They might well be giving out with congregation calls (`where are you? I am here). If you have a lot of trees you might hear them flying up to roost. Check with neighbors for the next couple of days. They'll only be going as far as it takes to find forage and/or avoid predator(s).

We've had good luck with baby monitors in chicken coop and turkey shed (kinda like a Berlitz immersion course in `poultry talk'), ground or aerial predator alarms/worried whining/growling? - get the rifle and survey the `range'.
The baby monitors are a good idea. We even have an extra set not being used right now, too. Thanks.
Got any raccoons? They broke into my pen for my pheasants and killed all but one. I'm not particularly fond of them and have no problem using a certain fly killer + coke to get rid of them. Drops them on the spot.

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