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6 Years
Jan 25, 2013
Nova Scotia
Hi everyone. I am looking for an easy way to take my turkeys to get processed. I'm planning on using a large wire dog crate but that may not hold all of them. Any ideas for me? I've considered a cardboard box but they (the birds) are heavy and big. Appreciate it and thanks for reading.
Around here most folks put them in a grain bag, with their ankles tied and a hole in the bottom of the grain bag that will fit their head out. Not wise if you're going to be traveling on a hot day. Personally I just make sure I have enough cages and sometimes shackle their feet if they're inclined to bully when confined. Best wishes.
Thanks for the input...I never thought of the grain bags...now I know why I kept them around :) I don't have far to travel and, unfortunately, here in Nova Scotia summer is OVER :p so it won't be hot.
Should be fine then. If you tie the bag around their legs, as in tighten it behind the body, they should be secure and not able to hurt themselves or escape. Best wishes.

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