turkey walking like he's drunk


5 Years
Jul 18, 2016
My three month old blue slate started acting funny two weeks ago, acting like he was drunk, unsteady on his feet, shaking his head a lot, using his wings for balance.
He's eating and drinking good, he just has trouble with balance.
I isolated him to a pen by himself because I was told maybe Mareks disease and it would spread thru both flocks I have, breeders and 40 young two month olds.
It's been two weeks, I started him on antibiotics, vitamins with electrolytes. He was perfectly healthy and beautiful young Tom until last week.
I had him in with the two month old BBb about all the same size until this and their all doing great..no signs of being sick..
Question: any ideas as to why he's still walking funny.? He seems to be doing some better but still walking funny. Eating and drinking fine.

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