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turkey weigths and ages -n- cost

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by DaKid, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. DaKid

    DaKid Songster

    Aug 31, 2008
    Berkley , Ma.
    Ok it been 5 months seen I receive my 24 baby day old turkeys . I ended up losing a few and ended up with a total of 17 birds

    I send 6 to the butcher shop last week and 5 more today, no wait Thursday / yesterday .

    And my freezers are full of turkeys

    The 5 I did Thursday morning , I weight them early this morning before taking them to the local butcher shop and this where the results ;

    large giant whites
    1 tom - 42 lbs
    3 hens / female - 28- 30 lbs

    bourbon red
    1 tom - 15 lb

    Ok after picking them up from the shop and getting back to my house and placing them in there winter home before I cook them LOL I re-weight them once again ; these where the finally results of lbs,
    large giant whites
    1 tom – 30 lbs
    3 hens / female – 20 – 22 lbs

    bourbon red
    1 tom - 9.5 lb

    these birds where weight WITHOUT the necks , livers , gizzard , ECT. stuffed in side the body

    I have the results from the 1st. patch but not on hand and the turkeys that I did do then where 2 different breed s, I try to find those results and weights .

    I do have still yet have left 4 Royal Palm Turkeys – 1 tom and 3 hens
    And 2 Bourbon Red Turkeys -1 tom and 1 hen which I will keep a pair of each to try to breed for next year stock , the other two will go to the butcher with the 20 X-rocks in 5 weeks or so .

    The things is I have to see if the price of the baby turkeys – feed ratio per bird / per lbs , - care/ raising the bird -processing the bird at the butcher shop vs the lbs of meat .
    I’m thinking that there is about 10 to 20% lost in live weight vs finish bird weight meat and bone only no junk ( neck , livers , gizzard , ECT)

    I know I over feed or always keep feed in there feeders 24/7 and there are not so call free range -there in an out side pens/ runs X amount of birds per pen / runs and my pens could be larger, there only 70 sq ft. per run/pens and there like pets also and I don’t really think of them as a food sources only .

    The reason I grew these birds at this large weight was thinks about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner , see we feed a very large family , last yr my mother in law bought two 20 lbs turkeys just for thanksgiving alone so I grew these thinking of that but as for just me and the wife during the coarse of the years of cooking a turkey dinner a 8 to 10 lbs would be plenty for us with left over’s .
    Next year I will only grow 2 very large birds with top weights of 25 to 30 lbs .plus and say 6 birds for just me and the wife for the yr. at 10 lbs or so which is plenty .

    So like I stated I have to see how much each bird /lbs cost me to raise from start to finish , ruffly specking I figure a 22 lbs turkey--- bought/feeded / care for / processes and in the freezer cost about $45.00 or $2.05 a lb plus my time and labor

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