Turkey with Leg Injury..can I give baby aspirin?? how much?

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    Jan 26, 2010

    One of our male turkeys started favoring his one foot a couple of weeks ago. He started limping and now isn't getting up. We examined his leg today. His foot seems fine so it's not bumble foot but his upper leg where it meets his body is swollen and is hot to touch. The entire leg and foot seems limp as we dont detect any resistence from him when we moved it back and forth unlike his other healthy leg which he pushed back when we touched it.

    He let us touch his injured leg and didn't pull away ..so not sure if that means there is little or no pain..but like i said, it was HOT to the touch and looked swollen at the top.

    He is eating and drinking..so his appetite is very healthy ..he just can't stand up and the only way he gets around is scooting from one position to another.

    Feel so bad for him. Searching the forum here I have seen mention of giving chickens anti-inflamatory/aspirin..wondering if that will be safe to do and if it will help.

    I know heat can mean a muscle injury...I know it also can mean infection but there are absolutely no external wounds of any kind .

    He could very well of landed the wrong way and pulled something. It didn't seem broken to me..not that i have ever seen a broken turkey leg except maybe on Thanksgiving!

    Am even thinking maybe nerve damage since he seems to have no movement or strength in it.

    Hoping he will get better just by resting it like he has been doing..but i would think aspirin might help??

    Please advise..he is a big turkey ..i would say around 25-30 lbs maybe??

    what kind of aspirin is sage? how much? how many times/day??

    Any help is appreciated!

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