Turkey with Swollen Eye

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    This afternoon we noticed Pumpkin our Bourbon Red Turkey hen eye was swollen. We don't know when it began swelling since we were outside during the afternoon and her eyes during that time looked normal. We don't know if she got stung by a bee, got bit by a snake or our terrier/chihuhua may have bit her. Pumpkin likes to poke the goats and the dogs. We found a bite mark on her wattle/neck. But that doesn't explain the swelling on her right eye. The swelling happened within the hour we left to town. What do I do? I've applied terramycin eye ointment on the her swollen eye. Does she need an antibiotic?
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    It may a worm in its eye. Maybe take a picture of bite wound you saw?

    You can use valbazen mixed with equal parts of water and put it in the eyes, it will kill eyeworm. Then use 1/2cc dose of valbazen (no water) and give it to them orally...repeat in 10 days. Then you have may have to squeeze the dead worm out...

    Here's a post with lots of options: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/508526/eye-worm

    removing the worm after valbazen: *warning nasty*

    Here's a video someone made to pysically remove it, you'll need help to do it for a turkey:
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    I opened her eye lid no puss or anything. Her eye look normal and clear. Thats why I was confused by the swelling. her face and wattles look redder than normal especially around the swelling[​IMG]
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    Eye worm is pretty rare, mostly occurring in tropical areas. Respiratory diseases are one cause of facial swelling. MG is one that is common in turkeys. Tylan or oxytetracycline are used to treat symptoms of those. Unless she develops nasal or eye drainage, coughing/sneezing, or rattly breathing, I would probably just watch it. Since you found a bate, she could form an abscess, so I would watch for that, and treat if that happens by lancing and draining the abscess if necessary. I tend to prefer watching something before treating unnecessarily.
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    She looks sick. What does her poop look like?


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