Turkey with swollen eye


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
I purchased five 1 week old turkey poults 18 weeks ago. 3 of the 5 had one eye that was only slightly open and they could not see out of the eye. Over the next 18 weeks the eye issue has not resolved; however otherwise they seem to be fine. They all have a swollen lump over they eye that is closed. I don't have a vet in my area that looks at turkeys. Does anyone know what this could be?
Looks like sinus issues. Due to the swelling of the eye. And it looks like some nasal discharge. You might want to get some Duramycin/tetracycline or Tylan 50. Both can be purchased at a Local Tractor Supply Co. if you have one. The Duramycin goes into the water supply, so if you need to treat more birds. That might work.

Tylan-50 can be given in the muscle or orally. I personally us the Tylan-50, both orally and as a shot, and have had great results. Here is a chart on how to give Tylan-50 orally, just copy and pasted.

"Approx. how much does the bird in question weigh? You will need 35mg/kg of body weight. To underdose could mean you build a resistant strain of bacteria. You will want to dose at a rate of 35mg/kg every other day for 3 days. This is how I dose out my birds, and it has worked every time.
If 2.2lbs = 1kg or 0.455kg = 1lb;
-- then a 10lb bird is 4.6kg.
-- -- at a rate of 35mg/kg = 161mg of Tylan50 needed to treat
-- -- -- if each ml of Tylan50 is 50mg, then 3.2cc (or 3 1/5ths cc) is needed for treatment.
Using these measurements;
-- a 1lb bantam would be 0.3cc
-- a 2lb bantam would be 0.6cc
-- a 4lb standard would be 1.3cc
-- a 5lb standard would be 1.6cc
-- a 10lb young turkey would be 3.2cc
-- a 15lb turkey would be 4.8cc
-- a 20lb turkey would be 6.4cc
-- a 25lb turkey would be 8.0cc
This is only good for Tylan50. If you are dosing using Tylan200, please remember that it is 4 times as concentrated as the former. I hope this helps."
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