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    Nov 3, 2014
    I have a few turkeys and have had for several years but this year I have had one die and another is now sick. I don't know why.
    The first one went to bed as normal but when I let them out in the morning he was really miserable. His wings were down and he was a bit "fluffed up". His poo looked ok but that was all. I isolated him from the others and went indoors to call my Mum for advice. By the time I went outdoors again he was dead.
    Now, about 10 days or so later, I have another one poorly. I isolated him. He looked miserable yesterday.
    I had no choice but to go out for the day, which is very very rare. I worried all day.
    As soon as I got back went up to see him. He looked a bit better! I don't know what it is or how to make him better.
    I am very worried about the risk of some contagious infection.
    Does anyone have any ideas please?
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    Jan 27, 2007

    To add your additional info. from other thread (for brevity):

    What variety? Any, recent, abrupt change in weather (turkeys on ground that is saturated, for instance)? Any recent change in feed? Have you bought from this "reputable rearer" in the past? Are chickens, if any, kept with, or adjacent to, turkey run? You mention turkey with somewhat yellowish droppings. Though this can be a sign of nothing at all it can also be an indicator of:a handful of diseases, the most onerous being Histomoniasis ("Blackhead").

    UK animal health Dept. might be of some help: http://ahvla.defra.gov.uk/documents/surveillance/diseases/backyard-poultry-common-diseases.pdf

    It really is useful to perform a gross necroscopy on any turk that succumbs to anything other than an obvious "macroscopic" predator attack, e.g., foxes, etc. In the case of Blackhead, the liver will probably exhibit what appear to be `bullseye' rings (yellowish on margins) on liver and creamish/yellowish protrusions in Cecum (cecal cores).

    Here are a couple of threads that, though long, contain a wealth of useful information on the disease and treatments:

    Good luck, and welcome to BYC
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    Sorry for your losses and welcome to BYC. Here are some blackhead necropsy pictures:

    • Depressed
    • Dropped wings
    • Not eating
    • Weak
    • Thin
    • Yellow liquid poop
    • Dark green cecal poop with blood

    Here he is looking very stoic three hours before he died. You can't tell from the picture, but he's about 1kg (2.2 pounds) underweight.

    Here is a poop picture, but it looked much more yellow than it does here.


    Here are the necropsy pictures from one of the peacocks.


    Liver and cecal pouches

    Contents of cecal pouch - black liquid poop, NOT normal!

    Inside of cecal pouch


    Liver with the blackhead spots and I think the black edges are necrotic

    Your best bet would be to take a sick one to a vet.

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