Turkeys and black head.

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    Jun 15, 2008
    My question today is TURKEYS and BLACKHEAD.
    About 7 years ago I started to raise meat turkeys. I was told they can not be in the same coop as chickens but head contact was ok. At about 5 weeks they started to venture outside the coop then I noticed a few whose wings were droopy and well their eyes looked like they were tired . Then the runny yellow poop started and then death in a day or two. Then I noticed a few more that had the same issues. In the end the flock was down to 4 from 8. I was not sure why they died but was told the poultry just die.
    Next year same thing 8 out of 12 died with the same symptoms.
    Next year same symptoms with heavy death toll even though I fed medicated feed.
    Next year I built a new turkey coop away from the chickens.
    At about 5 weeks again they showed signs of sickness. Took one to the vet and was told it has Blackhead. I then found out the medicated feed that I feed them was for coccossilious Not blackhead. I was given pills for the water and started to feed Blackhead medicated feed and all survived to make processing. . So now I have it beat or so I thought.
    This season get 25 turkeys. At week 3 I found a dead one due to the heat lamp being knocked off the mount as they were trying to fly. The dead one had a broken neck due to the stick that was lying on the bird. Lesson learned.
    Next day I noticed 2 were showing signs of blackhead but how can that be they have never been outside and their coop was disinfected. Next day they were both dead as well one more was showing signs. Today that was dead also. I started them on blackhead medicated feed and will have to see. Can some one please tell me what is going on?????

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