Turkeys, Coturnix, Silver Pheasants, Chukar, Guineas - P/U Indiana

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    May 28, 2009
    Bloomington, Indiana
    Various baby & young birds available for Pickup in the Bloomington, Indiana area.

    If you're interested or have any questions, PM me or post on the thread.

    Turkey poults - Various ages, from newly hatched to a couple months or so old. Most are from my mixed flock of mottled black and black Spanish birds. $7 each.

    Coturnix Quail Chicks - Various colors. Right at the moment I'm sold out but more will be hatching shortly. $1 each.

    Silver Pheasant Chicks - Three left at the moment, $8 each.

    Chukar Chicks - 6 on hand right now, a couple different ages. $3 each. Should be some more hatch later on.

    Guinea Keets - Various colors, mostly lavendar or other lighter type colors. Some that are several weeks old, some that are newly hatched. $4 each.





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