turkeys die as hatching


10 Years
Oct 13, 2009
NW Ohio
Help! What have I done wrong? I have turkey eggs that were shipped - they are formed perfectly - started pipping yesterday on day 27. They pip and die. They are through the membrane. They live for several hours after getting through the shell - never fully hatch and then they die. The humidity is 70percent and the temp is staying right at 99.7 in a forced air bator. What have I done - what can I do - I am devastated. I have hatched chickens and ducks with never this much problem. I have one right now that is just very weak, but it is not moving enough to get itself free of the shell. Should I help? There is quite a bit of blood. I never had this much blood with chicks or ducks.
The humidity stayed between 35 and 40% during incubation and I have it up to 70% for lockdown. Should I lower the humidity now or is it too late? The temperature has stayed steady between 99.3 and 100 degrees throughout the incubation and lockdown. Is there anything I can do to save the rest?

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