Turkeys have bloody bums

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    Aug 3, 2010
    Hi, I'm new! I have 2 turkeys that are almost 4 months old, they are big white toms, I would guess nearly 40 lbs (just judging by how heavy they feel when I tried picking them up!). We got them as day olds. We also have 20 chickens as well- 7 roos and 13 hens, and a duck. At night they all go in separate pens. In the day they are all penned together in a large outdoor area that is fenced on all sides- 24x24x8, that has 2 pear trees growing in it for shade. Anyhow, so far it has not been a problem having them in with the chickens during the day, we've never had any fighting or illness- though we lost one turkey a month ago that mysteriously died w/ no symptoms far as we could tell (but what do we know, we are first timers!), but he was always quite a runt compared to the other 2, he just stopped eating and drinking and was dead a few hours later. Ok, so the other day my ds said the turkeys have bloody butts and the chickens were pecking at them, so I told him to separate the chickens from the turkeys immediately and keep them in the coop- which they were not happy about! I was sick the last week so I haven't been paying much attention to the flock. So I went out this morning, my dh had let them all out into their yard and didn't separate the turkeys and when I went out there their bottoms were gross and bloody. [​IMG] I feel so badly, I separated them again and will keep them separate from now on. The turkeys seem healthy otherwise- running around as usual, eating and drinking, etc. I wonder if their bum problem was started by the chickens pecking at them, or if the chickens started pecking and caused the bloody bums?? We just started them on finisher today, but I was wondering if I should add some medicated turkey starter, if that will help ward off infection from their bloody bums, or if I should just let them heal and hope for the best? I really have no clue what I'm doing here! Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Also, we were planning on getting them butchered in 2-3 weeks, does that seem like the right time? And if we do add medicated feed for a few days, how long do we have to wait to butcher before it is out of their system? Thanks!

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