Turkey's middle toe is fat and curved


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Mar 12, 2011
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My hen came with a tom that I figured on rehoming since I already had a tom. Hate to do it, but this is the first full grown heritage hen I've come across for sale in 6 months. The new tom has really fat, curved (to the side, not under) middle toes. Everything else about his feet looks fine. He's 2 years old. I dont know how long he's had this problem. I almost didnt get them but couldnt leave them there. There was no shade, no perches, and they were being fed chick grower because they were in a yard with young geese and they didnt know how to make sure everyone got different food. Yes, I know the geese aren't supposed to get chick grower either. Essentially, they were both malnourished. I'm going to go pick up some more vitamins and all for their water and wanted to find out about the foot issue in case theres something I can do about it. My daughterr suggested possibly bumblefoot, but does that affect just one part of the foot?
At that age I don't think you can do anything about it. I've heard of people straitening out thier toes when they are fresh hatched but like I said I don't think you can do anything about it now. Curled toes can be caused from a number of things. Genetics, humidity issues during inucbation and vitiam deficiencies.
These are the pics of the toms feet


Thanks for the shots. Yes, that looks like he's probably always had the curved toes (for whatever reason - and has been noted, there are several). Could well be a localized infection in the R middle toe (check for any scabbing/callus on portion of toe that comes into contact with ground). No redness/limping is a good sign. Hopeful it is the turkey equivalent of some form of functional `club foot' (owing to compensating for curved toe). Keep an eye for any marked increase in size/marked redness (would likely indicate possible abscess).
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Theres no redness. It is in both feet on the middle toe. Could he have an infection in just the middle toe of both feet? He does seem to step carefully, but dont know if its pain or just that he has a hard time balancing. The bottoms of his feet seem to be normal compared to other pics I've seen (outside of the fat, curved thing anyway).

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