turkeys- nicer then chickens because of IQ?


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So last year we had the sweetest white turkeys, they followed me around like I was their momma. I'm not sure if its because of those specific turkeys or are turkeys that are hand raised just nicer then hand raised chickens because they have a lower IQ? I want some that were as sweet as last years and was wondering if those hens were just nice or if turkey hens just pretty nice?
It's my first year with turkeys, but started with tom as a baby and then a few months ago I was gave a hen. Both are sweet and will let me pet on them. Tom follows me around everywhere. The hen doesn't follow as much . But yesterday she sat on my foot as I petted her.
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We had hens not toms though, and we had 4 but then 3 were eaten
by that jerk raven

Also if I ran across the yard (its so funny to watch turkeys run) they would run after me to be next to me, they acted like I hatched them, like I sat on them myself and was their first sight (I got them from a store so I wasnt) It made me so happy and melted my heart and I really want some more like them
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Sorry about your loss. I had started with two turkey poults (from a feed store) but lost one due to a slipped leg joint that wouldn't go back. Tom cried when we lost it. But he had some young chickens to keep him company. But he is much happier with the hen we just got( full grown). So hopefully you can get a turkey buddy for the one thats left. Good luck
Actually, I think a lot of the personality is because they are really curious about everything and just have to see what you are doing (and see if it involves them getting food). I don't handle mine much and they still have to see what I am up to. For example, I was sitting in the garden pulling weeds when I heard them. I looked up and they were all in a group, watching me and talking amongst themselves. I figure they were wondering why I was throwing perfectly good food in a pile. They eventually got tired of watching and wandered off to go down the potato row and look for potato bugs to eat... They are really fun birds and you will see a lot of posts here where people tell you they like them better than chickens because of their personality.
When you hand raise a turkey, they are usually very personable! All of my free rangers are very sweet. I even have a pair of golden narragansett hens that will jump up on the 4 wheeler or golf cart with me and go for a ride. They also get on the trampololine with the kids as long as they don't jump too high. They are not all as dumb as people think. They can be very smart. Also, I never slaughter one in front of the others. My uncle had about 12 bronze turkeys several years ago that free ranged. He killed one aggressive Tom in front of the others one day. The rest of the flock took off that day never to be seen again.

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