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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by jpepmiller, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Mar 2, 2017
    I just bought a pair of year old turkeys that have been free ranges all their lives but I have them in a run for now while they get used to me. I’ve been feeding them a mixture of hen scratch(milo,cracked corn, etc), layer pellets, and even sweet feed, but it doesn’t seem like they care much for any of it. I also added some grit in their pen to see if that was the issue. It’s been 5 days and they really don’t seem interested in any of it. Could it be because of the stress of the move or maybe even the pen itself? Thanks in advance.
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    They may not have been fed treat like what you've been giving them in the past so they're not sure how to react to it and just aren't interested. AS long as you can tell they are eating something you should be fine and maybe they'll warm up to treat feeding in the near future.;) Not a turkey expert but this is what I would suspect, good luck with them!:thumbsup
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    Are they acting normally?

    There may be some stress involved. But after 5 days they should eat something.

    My toms right now may take a quick bite when they fly down in the mornings and just strut the rest of the day.

    Hens take a quick bite then don' see them hitting feed for much of rest of day.

    Try removing all the feed after they roost at night. Leave food out til couples hours before dark and put some back in the pen. They will be hungry and should want a quick bite before they roost.
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    Is it that they really are not eatin? Or you just are not seein em do it? When we wonder this we put the feed down and pat it flat... you should be able tell it if has been disturbed. You could also try bringin in some green growin stuff that you have cut. Do a few swipes of the mower on a low settin and throw it in there. Dig a few shovels of good wormy buggy compost and put it in a pile for them. You will be able tell if they rooted round in it. But all that said.... i think you most likely just arent seein them eat. They may not eat as much as you think they might. And... when they get hungry enough they WILL eat.

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