Turkey's role in the strange day at our house

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by erinszoo, Mar 22, 2012.

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    After three days of almost continual rain, our turkey, who normally sleeps in the house with the chickens and rules the roost, decided she was in no uncertain terms NOT going in the house last night. Last week we bought four large bales of straw and stacked them along one side of their yard against a wall of the garage, so turkey has been climbing on them and last night she built a nest on top of them and hunkered down. Nothing we did could encourage her to move. Of course then it rained again last night and I was worried about her so I got up early and trudged out in the dark to see if she was ok and there she was, tucked in with straw thrown all over her. As soon as I talked to her she picked up her head and talked back but still wouldn't budge from her "bed". I wonder what she'll do tonight?
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    Sounds like it's time to get an `authorized' nest in order.
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