turkeys wont go on the roost


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that about said it all thay are rp 3 months old put them in pen last week but thay sleep on the ground how do you get them to go on roost i cut down a red coffie can to feed in thought i would nail it up after wile to cokes them to fly up but thay dont want to eat out of it i have to dump feed out or thay dont eat left in can for day and a half hade to dump or starve any ideas
depends on how old the bird is and what gender
because i have a turkey that if the roost is above
4 feet he won't roost
and if the bird is younger than 6 months it
usually won't roost but of course
it depends on the bird all
birds have their different characteristics

hope i helped
any more questions ask

but PM me i don't respond to threads
Could you post a picture of your set up and roosts. My birds are also about 3 months old and roost much higher then I thought they would. When the weather is nice, they prefer to roost along the top of the coop fence which is 6 feet high. We did have to move their inside roosts in front of the windows so they could see outside. I don't know if it is the ventilation or the view but everyone wanted a window seat. Personally I think they are just nosey and afraid they will miss something. Lol
My 3 Royal Palms are just over 2 months old. I set 2 cinder blocks on end in their pen and sat a 4' 4"x 4" on the top. It's only about 18" off the ground. The 1st night I set each one up on it at bedtime when I tucked them in. After that they were already up on it at bedtime. It seems turkeys sometimes have to be shown things. They're far from stupid, just learn in a different way than chickens do. Your roost may be too high, too thick, too thin, too slippery..... for whatever reason it doesn't "feel" right to them.

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