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Mar 29, 2008
i am looking to purchase baby turkeys does anyone have any? or no of anywhere where i could get some
Where are you located?
Are you looking for heritage breeds or commercial turkeys?
How many do you want?

I'm hatching some heritage chicks soon -- Red Bourbon turkeys -- I might have some for you in a few weeks...
I am in jersey not to far from Pennsylvania. i would deffinatly be intrested in the Red Bourbons.
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Do you want me to let you know when they hatch? First nest should be hatching in 2 weeks, and more after that (if all goes well that is).

I also have friends looking to sell adult Red Bourbons because their flock is too big. They have 1 hen and 5 toms left for $10 apiece and can be picked up now. They are located in Lancaster County.
yes please let me no when the hatch. Also i have never had turkeys are do they make good pets? and do they roost in trees at night or do they need a coop? Also would they have problems sharing the backcyared with my ducks?
I'm probably too far from you but I will have some Royal Palm and Narragansett pure/crosses hatching next week. I'm in central CT if your are interested at all.
Jersey Chick, I love my turkeys because they are so curious and people friendly. I'm not sure what you mean when you ask if they're good pets. They aren't cutesy and fluffy and they get pretty big. You can kind of pet them, but you have to be careful of toms (males) because they can get a little too friendly. Mine sleep up in a big tree in my yard, but they range far, and I could never keep them ranging if I didn't live on 40 acres.
Hope that helps!?
Turkey hatching eggs, day old poults hatching every week. Young and older turkeys available. PM me Will ship
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My turkeys hop right into my lap for a pat and a scratch. Even some of the toms do it. The hens will sit down and nap on your lap. The toms tend to display so I knock them off fairly soon. 25 lbs of dancing bird burping corn breathe at you isn't all it's cracked up to be. Feathered puppies if handled a lot.

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