turkins or chickey???

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  1. upstateNYandy

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Will my rooster mate with my BBB turkeys? Will it result in chicks?

  2. greenfamilyfarms

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Elizabethtown, NC
    He may attempt to mate with them, but if he has some of his own kind to help him release his, umm, passions upon, you shouldn't have an issue. Since they are different species, I doubt you get any chicks from the breeding if it does happen successfully.

    Also, the Turken breed of chicken is ALL chicken. No turkey.

    ETA: I forgot to mention that there have been documented cases of hybridization between other species such as between a chicken and a guinea. You may want to do more research if you are curious, but I couldn't find any cases of a chicken and turkey hybrid. See here: http://feathersite.com/Poultry/BRKHybrids.html
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  3. well.. i can say for a fact that there aren't any chicken duck hybrids running around.. if there were.. we would have them! [​IMG]
  4. Pinky

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    My rooster would try to mate with my turkey hen and even tried it with a tom I had once. I think they have different reproductive organs so chick are unlikely.

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