Turned foot on 10-12 week Buff

Royal Red

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Apr 15, 2013
Hello, I have new batch of chicks 10/12 weeks now. Separated from mature hens and no roosters. Have been slowly introducing them so far so good. Except found one stuck behind the feed box this morning as I was filling and cleaning as if to protector herself from the mature hens. I had to slowly help unwedge her and noticed she is now limping. With a closer inspection has revealed one foot is turned in. I currently have her in a separate cage and have given her a little aspirin water and included one of her companions for comfort and warmth. Should I be concerned or at what point? Uploaded picture. Noticed she adjusted her foot in one of pic straight again. Is this normal for a chicken to twist their foot or could this be a hip issue? Thanks for your feedback.

Royal Red
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Not normal to twist it like that.
Do you notice any swelling?

Why are you giving her aspirin? (curious)

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