Turning an old swingset into a chicken coop?


6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
I have a rather old swingset in my yard that I think has the potential to be a chicken coop. We were going to use hardware wire over the outside of the swingset to create a run (like where the top bar and the length of the open space where the swings are in the picture). Then we would build a place where they could lay and shelter out of wood (like a box but it will extend beyond the underneath beam all the way to the right) on the ground under the upper level. We would probably take the slide and ladder off and definitely the swings, but the top area under the tent will be good for them to perch on. They will also be allowed free range around my yard as well. Sorry if my description is a little confusing, it's kind of hard to describe. Also, the wood on the outer part of the swingset is pressure treated. The wood we will use for the nesting area will not be pressure treated, as we have to buy it. Will it be okay to have pressure treated wood on the run part of the coop? Like I said, it is pretty old so I don't know if it "wears off" or anything haha. Thanks for all the help, I attached a picture of what my swing set looks like (the closest one anyways.)

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